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Zen Corner

The psychotherapy ditch

I want to welcome you to the Golden Therapy Center Blog. Our goal in creating this blog is to provide you with topics that often come up for us as therapist and to provide you with information that is beneficial regarding mental health. In our group practice, we each have very different specializations and each of us will be touching on topics that relate to our knowledge and perspective in this field.

As I sat down to write this first blog my mind went to the most important lesson I learned about being a therapist which was to sit in my client’s ditch with them rather than fix them. At the time, I was an intern and could barely sit in my own emotions so learning how to sit in another person’s pain without coming up with a plan to fix what was wrong seemed counter to why I got into this field. Almost 20 years later I have realized that the greatest gift I can give a person is to sit with them right where they are and allow them to be exactly who they are. More often than not I have learned that human beings just need someone that sees them and accepts them because there happens to be very few places in our lives we are allowed to just be rather than to do. Once I learned to sit in my own pain (and found it didn’t actually kill me) I learned to sit in the pain of others and give them the same gift that many taught me which was to hold my own mirror and accept myself for who I was and grieve the person I was never going to be no matter how hard I tried.

I believe that we each have an amazing story to tell and we as therapist have the great fortune to sit with you to listen to your story and be inspired by your strength and be there to help you grieve your limitation. I realize that therapy is not for everyone. Many find their therapy in the arts, exercise, philanthropy and many others ways but for those that are considering the idea of speaking to a therapist you might have to deal with emotions you may have not known you felt but you will not be alone in your journey of self-discovery.

-Katy Golbar Director of Golden Therapy Center